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InSCREENeX establishes novel mammalian cell systems that support the drug development process. The drug development process is divided into different stages starting with the target identification in which the molecular target of a disease is identified followed by the primary screening to identify compounds that modulate the target. In the subsequent stages the hits from the screening are validated, optimized and their pharmacologic properties are analyzed in the secondary and the ADME/Tox screening. When the compounds successfully passed this in vitro evaluation they are analyzed in preclinical and clinical trials.

InSCREENeX offers innovative product solutions that speed up drug discovery (SCREENflex) and for the first time, enable physiological relevant tests in “Petridishes” (CI-SCREEN). InSCREENeX’s products are complementary cellular screening tools aiming at all stages of the drug development process.

The SCREENflex technology creates recombinant mammalian cells for the primary screening and establishesthe required cellular systems 50-70% faster compared to conventional techniques. Importantly, the SCREENflex cell systems are of unmet quality thereby enabling the customer to perform tests with the highest possible precision.

The CI-SCREEN technology is an enabling tool. InSCREENeX proprietary CI-SCREEN technology solves the shortage of physiologically relevant cells. The CI-SCREEN technology aims at the pivotal reason for the limited availability of primary cells – the limited proliferation capacity. Thereby the CI-SCREEN technology enables an invitro testing under in vivo conditions. For the first time customers can perform physiological relevant tests in test tubes in order to dismiss inappropriate drug candidates. Thereby the pipeline is streamlined leading to a greater return of investment for the customer. The CI-SCREEN technology has already been validated for different cell types (endothelial cells, epithelial cells, keratinocytes, osteoblasts, chondrocytes) from different species (human, bovine, rat, murine). InSCREENeX utilizes the CI-SCREEN technology to develop within the SpeCCC consortia human cell systems that retain the in vivo functionality and are specifically suited for 3D culture requirements.